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Charlie Slaughter, MPH, RD

Charlie Slaughter is an early childhood prevention coordinator for the Connecticut Department of Children and Families and has a passion for children, parents, and providers thriving in life. Charlie is the program lead for the Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) and the Early Childhood Consultation Partnership (ECCP) program.

Charlie was awarded the first ever Circle of Security International award in 2013. He has been instrumental in helping to spread Circle of Security Parenting (COS P), a DVD-based and attachment-based parenting intervention to CT communities and community organizations. He is interested in the potential for using COS P to create a community-wide approach to build and support secure attachment in children. Charlie also works with preschools and parents to build developmentally healthy mealtime environments. He is the author of Hungry for Love: Creating Mealtime Environments that Build Connection, Life Skills, and Eating Capabilities. Charlie is also interested in effective systems change within communities and organizations to support children's healthy development.

CHARLIE!  I had heard amazing things about you and they're all confirmed!  I have enjoyed looking through the chapters you sent.  With three babies of my own under five this is brilliant. 

I am buying your book tomorrow!  (Dr. J. Carrington, Alberta, Canada)