Charlie's Other Work

(Complete list available upon request):

**2015 International Attachment Conference-"Building a Statewide Culture of Secure Attachment: Releasing the    existing abundant love in communities"**

·  10th Anniversary Cross-Canada Attachment Network Conference

·  Guest lecturer, Temple University Center for Obesity Research and Education

·  Trauma and Resiliency in Young Children and the Implications for SW Staff, CT-DCF Training Academy

· Developed and presented "Shame: An Impediment to Learning" for the CT Parenting Educator Network

· Over  200 presentations on building healthy mealtime environments to EC groups, teachers, staff, and parents

· CT Dept. of Public Health on School Health Committee of the CT chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

· Served on planning committee for CT State Department of Education school nutrition conferences

·  Developmental panel member, 2000, Bright Futures in Practice: Nutrition

· Oregon’s Child Policy Summit · American Public Health Association (APHA), Nutrition section to give    presentation on feeding relationship approach at 1997 APHA annual meeting                    


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Charlie's personable, knowledgeable, humorous, and engaging speaking style makes him a popular presenter on the local, national, and international stage. Charlie is well-versed in the topics of mealtime environments, secure parenting, childhood obesity, community engagement and nutrition. If you are interested in having Charlie speak with your organization, feel free to contact him directly at