What People are saying about "Hungry for Love"

"What a pleasure to find a book dealing with the profundities underlying eating and mealtimes, especially as they relate to life beyond obesity, anorexia, or calories!  This is an unexpectedly important book, particularly for someone raising children." Vincent J. Felitti, MD,  Co-Principal Investigator of the Adverse, Childhood Experiences Study (ACES)

“With his own authentic self-reflection, Charlie Slaughter helps parents understand how to use two of their key possessions—their power and their past—to positively impact children during mealtimes. He shows that when infused with love, care, and connection, parents’ power and past can be transformed into gifts they bring to the table in feeding their children.”
Robert C. Whitaker, MD, MPH, Professor of Public Health and Pediatrics, Temple University

"Charlie Slaughter has masterfully written a guidebook for parents based on the richness and depth of attachment theory and research as well as nutritional science. He has given us a clear, direct, easy to digest understanding of the essential features required for combining meal time with emotional intelligence and relational support. Helping parents know what helps (and what may get in the way) in a clear, systematic fashion will serve countless caregivers in coming generations... This book is a stunner and just may well become a game changer. I sincerely hope so."
Kent Hoffman, Co-Founder, Circle of Security 

“This book is a gift for parents who have ever struggled with a child’s feeding. Charlie has transcended the mealtime battles with an understanding of how to improve your emotional connections with your child. As parents, we want our children to succeed in life and be happy...Charlie has taken on the secrets of powerful parenting and provided practical tools for building life skills with each meal we share together. Charlie also provides strategies to help heal our own relationship with food...In this book Charlie shines the light on putting the JOY back into enJOYment of eating."  Cheryl Alto, MS, RD, Nutrition Consultant, Oregon WIC Program